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About Us

Franscent - Spreading Redolence
High-End Fragrances

We produce high quality fragrances which exhibit superior performance qualities in a variety of product categories ranging from fine home range products and personal care options fragrances.



Our Presence

Franscent is an international fragrance manufacturing company, creating and supplying scents for some of the most respected and innovative brands in the local and international marketplace.

Enthusiastic Team

We truly believe that with the finest and enthusiastic team which is dedicated towards work, are tend to succeed and we thoroughly stand by it!


We use more than 3000 raw materials, sourced from all over the world, incorporate them with automated blending machines in our manufacturing facilities to create the best fragrance for you.

Our Clients

Our clients come to us for our captivating and unique fragrance compositions, created layer by layer by some of the most talented artisans and perfumers in the scent industry today.


we create fragrances that are customized for your product.


Our continuous development has not hindered our investment in innovation and the desire to design the best and most perfectly compatible fragrances for the consumer products.


We produce fragrances with full automated robotic compounding system.

High-End Production

High-End Production

Our fragrance production facilities are operated with automated robotic compounding system which is synchronized to operate with our ERP system, which enables dispensing from 30mg up to 500kg possible while maintaining a high level of accuracy.



The dispensing ranges of all raw materials, on each robot respectively, are adjustable, not only to minimize the duration of the production process but also to optimize the automation rate. In our sub-production systems processes, such as filling, packaging -and other relative stages- , the processes are closely tracked and checked by our experienced operators.

Quality Control Systems

Quality Control Systems

Our Quality Control System guarantees confidence in the reliability of the system, a progressive decrease in errors and inefficiencies, the fulfillment of all the necessary requirements and, hence, our customers’ complete satisfaction.

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